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  1. Jim says:

    Hey There! Welcome to the Hybrid Restore Guestbook. We’ve had to re-do this feature several times due to spammers but it seems to be working now. Please leave a message and tell us what you think of the site, what we could improve, what we’ve done right, or just to say hello. Thanks a lot from all of us over here at Hybrid Restore.

  2. hondo says:

    This website most nice and informative. You do all good job!

  3. George Robbins says:

    Hi Jim, you fixed and restored a TS-830S for me earlier in the year. It’s working fine. I just wanted to mention I still watch the Kenwood Hybrids for sale on Ebay. Yesterday I fond a TS-830S for sale – nothing new about that. But when I looked at the photo of the rear of it I saw that it has the same power connection as a TS-820S – i.e. a power cord with the rectangular plug that plugs into the radio, and labels on the rear panel that indicate the rig can run on 13.8 v DC. Have you ever heard of an 830S that can run on bot 120/240 v AC and 13.8v DC? It can bee seen at http://www.ebay.com/itm/261294026073?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2648.

  4. Douglas L Neller says:

    Just what I was looking for! Big help in tuning this “old boat anchor” Thanks and 73’s

  5. Craig, VE3OP says:

    Wow – what a nice and clean, and useful (!) website for old Kenwood hybrids.
    It is so nice to see someone sill caring about this magnificent radio heritage.

  6. Raleigh Stelle NY0Y says:

    Great site. Good information.

  7. Phil Moscinski says:

    Just decided to buy a 520S for the shack and your sight was the help I needed to be sure it has an even longer life than it had! Thanks for all the info..

    Phil Moscinski N2EU
    MicroHams, Seattle

  8. Michael Sylvester says:

    Thanks for the informative articles to restore these great radios. I’ve become an eBay seller recently. I’m beginning to restore Ham gear for resale. I’ve bought a good stock of repair components from you to go through 7 Kenwood transceivers I’ve picked up.
    Just got back into amateur radio after being away for 42 years.
    I was feeling bummed at being semi-retired and sedate. Ham radio and getting my nose back into electronics after so long away has returned energy to my life and is giving me a sense of accomplishment and a challenge to look forward to every day.
    Thanks for your parts supply and your helpful articles on reairs.

  9. Jack Conner says:

    Owner of clean TS-820S that suddenly has low transmit power. Would love to restore the radio to original specs as this was once owned by one of my “Elmer’s”… Came across your contact info on QRZ.com. Thinking about a overhaul and tuneup…

    Glad you are servicing these great old radios!! Contact soon…


  10. Franklin johnson says:

    Thanks for having this website! My Grandpa gave me a TS 820 last year after I got my liecense, and I m looking forward to using it. I haven’t gotten an antenna for it yet, but I’m hoping to have one soon.If I ever need any work done to my radio, I’ll keep you in mind. I might be ordering a few of the 4 pin Mic connectors, as I know I’d love to get a D104 Mic to hook up to this radio, as well as maybe a few others.

  11. James Nilon, Jr says:

    Jim just recently repaired, tuned and realigned my Kenwood TS 820S and what a job he did. The radio looks and acts like new. I am getting great reports and comparing digital readouts with stations worked and they are dead accurate. I am also getting great audio reports and questions about what type rig I am running. They all had one at one time or another and told me to hang on to mine as they regret selling theirs..

    Thanks Jim for your care and time spent on bringing my old rig back to life.


  12. Tom G says:

    nicely designed and informative site. I run a 520 & 530s-I’ll be using your services

  13. Mike Clifford says:

    Hi, Jim. Love your site. Lots of valuable information. I completed my VFO cable works great. However, I am having trouble with the panel lights. Changed three of the bulbs but still none of them work. Must be the supply. Thinking about sending my TS-820 to you for refurb. Email me with instructions.

  14. Tyler Jones says:

    Just got a TS820S with a transmit problem. Cleaned all the final amplifier potentiometers and voila! It works 100%. I fixed the no display by unplugging any plugging back in the cable connecting to the IC board. It has a better receiver than my Icom R75 and Sony ICF-2010! Amazing rig! I now know where to go when I need parts for this radio. I used the tuning instructions too, better than what is in the manual.

  15. Neil Beeson says:

    Love the site Jim. I’ve shared it with a few friends with these radios.
    I’ve scored a TS 520SE from a deceased estate and until 2 weeks ago it had NEVER been plugged in. It came up great on a variac. It’s had a little knock and damaged the paddles on some of the switches on the left side. So if you find 5 paddles spare, hint hint, drop me a line.

  16. Paul Keeton KD8YZD says:

    Hi Jim,
    My father gave me a TS-820 he has had for years. When I received it there was no recieve or transmit but I got her working now. He also gave me the external vfo for it and I just otdered the cable kit for it from your store. I am looking forward to to using your help to keep it up and running smooth. Thanks for supporting this wonderful piece of equipment.


  17. Martin VK6ZMS says:

    Hi Jim
    I got the old girl (530S) back on air thanks to your HV caps, fast delivery to Perth Australia.


  18. Very nice site. I have heard nothing but good things about the Kenwood hybrids and I might be getting one soon. I’m not sure what condition it is in. If it needs work, I know where to send it.

  19. Great site. I just got my TS-530S yesterday and I will be sending it in for recap.


  20. Frank Krug says:

    Excellent website. Super-informative and valuable parts/ data source. It inspires confidence to invest in and use older equipment when there are shops and services like yours to rely on when the inevitable happens!

  21. Mr Keith Ghillyer says:

    Very good site,and most informative also good to know various parts are available for the Kenwood models of transceivers.Do have both the 520s and 830s units and will be contacting your store quite soon for various components. Good Luck and 73,s G4YGZ Plymouth,United Kingdom

  22. Cedric Kron says:


    I am wondering if you ever run into anybody that would be selling a TS-830S station that has the CW filters installed in the TS-830S.

    I am looking for such a station, but all of the TS-830S transcievers for sale on sites such as QRZ, Ebay, etc. do not have the filers installed.

    Thank you and 73s

  23. Robert McMillan says:

    Great information, thank you very much, the task of a referb is now less daunting.


  24. ts-820s VFO cable kit… rec’d fast, VG quality, works perfectly.

    Thank You

  25. Peter Elekessy says:

    Great Website and great service. i bought one of your recap kits for my 520 a while ago and am gradually replacing the caps. Rig is going better now than it has ever been!

    Hope you don’t want to retire any time soon…

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