SG Cap Install in 820/520

Mounting screen grid driver caps in 820/520

The 820/520 used special double caps, two caps in one container, for the screen grid driver caps.  Nothing like this, that we can find, is now available.  However, because the newer caps are much smaller, it is possible to mount two caps in the same clamp that held one of the doubles before.  A little silicon rubber makes it secure.

Justin holds the 4 screen grid caps, that just fit in the old clamp. A little silcon rubber, the rebuilder’s helper, has been added to secure them. The two negatives are soldered together, giving the same connections as the original.

Each of the old caps had 3 connections two + and one -.  By soldering the two negative leads together, we end up with exactly the same connections as the old caps.  Very easy install.

They fit right in the standard location using the standard clamps

 This works well for the 820 and the 520  All you have to do is use caps that are 1/2 the diameter of the originals.  The caps in our recap kit are this size.  This is how we recap units ourselves.  It works well.  This is more secure than using a terminal strip, as the caps are held securely and cannot move around.

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