Where We Have Some Hard To Get Parts, and Interesting Additions

It can be quite a chore finding parts for these old Hybrids. Chasing down sources is time consuming and not always fruitful.  Here’s our version of some hard to find parts for the Kenwood Hybrids.  There are some neat additions you might want to consider also.  The Tilt Stand is very cool, and the shipping box is just what the doctor ordered for easy and safe shipping if you want to send us your HybridIf you’ve got a mic with a cord that seems to always be in the way, check out the coiled cord w/4 pin connector.

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Foldable Tilt Stand ~ $18.50 each
Some of the later Kenwoods (TS430S and others) came with this really neat little folding stand in the front that tilts the radio back for better viewing. If you have your Hybrid sitting flat on your desk, and not raised up to eye level on a shelf, these things are a godsend. Adding the tilt stand requires drilling 4 holes in the bottom cover and mounts with 4 screws and self locking nuts.  The original cabinet feet (or our replacements) are retained. The Tilt Stand lifts the front of the radio up about 3”, giving a nice viewing angle, and folds up under the unit when not needed.   There are two different sizes for the 520/820 series and the 530/830 series.  To see the mounting instructions, go here

For Model

Cabinet Feet (4 pieces) ~ $5.00
These feet fit any of the TS-520, 820, 530, and 830 models.  Comes with 4  M4 X 0.7 pan head phillips screws for attaching to the bottom cover.  These are molded from TPR, or “Thermoplastic Rubber”.  These Cabinet Feet provide good traction, excellent shock absorbing qualities and unlike natural rubber they have good non-marking qualities and outstanding resistance to stress cracking.  They are 0.932″ OD x o.625″ tall, a very good match to the originals.  

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Side Cabinet Feet~$3.50                                                                                                      These are almost exactly the same size as the original feet on the left side of the cabinet, for when you pick up the unit with the handle and set it up on it’s side. Usually these feet hold up well, but if yours are old and brittle, these replacements look and work nicely. These are molded from TPR, or “Thermoplastic Rubber”.  These Cabinet Feet provide good traction, excellent shock absorbing qualities and unlike natural rubber they have good non-marking qualities and outstanding resistance to stress cracking.  They are 0.750″ OD x 0.440″ tall, a very good match to the originals. 

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4 pin mic connector

4 Pin Mic Connector ~ $4.25 each
These are hard to find. All the Kenwood Hybrid models use these. Also, practically every CB radio ever made. (Hi Hi) The mic connects to pins 1 and 4 (shield), the PTT to pins 2 and 3.

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8 pin mic connector8 Pin Mic Connector ~ $5.25 each
These are not used on the Hybrids, but on all the later Kenwoods. Many of you have other radios and these are even harder to find than the 4 pin.

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4 Pin Mic Connector w/ 6′ Coiled Cord     ~ $10.25                                                                    These are nice, if you want to hook up a mic that doesn’t have the right connector. Three wires and a shield around one of them. The coiled cord is worth the cost of admission. They are removed from new equipment, mostly CB radios, I think. The shield may not be on the right pin (they vary), but if you can wire this up to a mic, you can certainly change the pin connections. 


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6mm Shaft Coupler ~ $8.50 each           These are exactly what is needed to replace the stock nylon coupler on the bandswitch shaft when it cracks, as they often do. Can be easily installed without taking the cage apart.  Four set screws over 90 degrees. Can be used to replace other couplers in the radio. For 0.236” (6mm) shaft, not for 1/4” shafts.  12.5mm OD.  The hole in the cage where the shaft enters is 15mm, so there is ample room to replace the coupler without having to take it all apart.  These are made for us in the USA, by a Ham in his garage, in North Carolina.  6061 T6  See instructions for mounting, here.


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Hi-Voltage Caps ~$23.00                                      The original HV caps in the Hybrid radios (all the same) are 100uf at 500v. They are 35 mm in diameter. These replacements are 30mm in diameter and do not fit the original clamp that holds the cap. We simply provide a new clamp that solves the problem. These caps are 120uf which smooths the voltage a little better and are 105 degrees C rated, and also heavy duty, having a 3000 hr rating, higher ripple current and lower ESR. Supplied with ceramic caps and resistors to completely renew the HV section. Two caps, two 0.01uf 1 KV ceramics, two 470K resistors, and two 30mm clamps. 


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 Remote VFO Cable Kit For TS520, 520S, 820, 820S ~ $15.50                                         This kit has everything you need to make a cable that will connect the 520/820 series of radios with a VFO-520 or VFO-820.  The kit consists of two connectors and a 29″ length of 9 conductor shielded cable.  It will take about  1 hour of your time to assemble this adapter cable. Assembly instructions hereThis is a kit and must be assembled by you.

VFO Shorting plug for TS520/820~$6.75

When you turn on your 520/820 and nothing happens this could be the plug you need. You have to either, plug in a remote VFO or a shorting plug into the remote VFO jack on the rear panel. People lose these and we have been selling them occasionally so we decided to make them a regular item. Included is one complete plug, that shorts pins 8 and 9.



Remote VFO Cable Kit For TS830S, 530S ~ $16.50                                            After many requests, and lots of searching, we finally found a source for these connectors. If you don’t know, Kenwood used a very standard looking 8 pin DIN for the VFO connector, only the spacing of the pins is different. If you just hunt down an 8 pin DIP plug it will not work. You almost can’t tell the difference by looking at it. This kit has everything you need to make a cable that will connect the 530S/830S series of radios with a VFO230 or VFO830. The kit consists of two connectors and a 29″ length of 9 conductor shielded cable. It will take about an hour to assemble this cable. The connectors are just wired pin for pin at each end.  The only “must-do” is to wire the shield/bare wire to pin 7.  As long as the others are the same, end to end, it is fine. This is a kit and must be assembled by you.

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Plug In Relay
For TS520, 520S, 820, 820s ~ $23.50

This is the relay that is so hard to find.  It has been out of production for years, but we have found NOS.  It is the same unit as the original Omron part.  The coil resistance may vary a bit from the original as some had a 300 ohm coil and others a 385 ohm coil, but it is a 12v coil and will work in all the TS520, 520S, 820, and 820S radios, as well as the twins-R599 and T599.  If you need this part, you really need it!  Intermittent transmit and receive problems can often be traced to this relay.  There are two of these in each radio.  One switches bias, XIT/RIT and so on.  The other is the antenna relay.   About the only test is to tap the relay while operating, which means you have to stand the radio up on its side, with both covers off.  For an explanation of reliability problems and what you can do about it, go here.

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Replacement Relay for TS530S/830S ~ $7.50                 This is a drop in replacement for the original Kenwood Part # S51-4401-05.  It’s a pin for pin replacement and solves some of the intermittent problems with transmit and receive and ALC.   This relay really should not be failing.  For the reason why it does, and what you can do, go here.

We are having problems sourcing these relays.  We have gotten a few used ones in good condition, removed from working equipment.  These relays are spec’d for 5 million operations, so they should be good. We will have more new ones soon.    Price $7.50.


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TS830S/530S Antenna Relay ~ $34.00   This has been the most difficult part to find we have searched for so far.   There are none of the original Omron MX2P parts left anywhere, Asia or here, except at Kenwood, Japan, who sells them for $75 a piece.  We looked for a replacement, instead.  Twice we found a distributor with parts that existed on computer, but did not exist any longer in actual physical inventory.  Finally we found these, in the inventory of a distributor who specializes in obsolete parts.   These are 0.100″ taller than the MX2P but have the same pin pattern, and will fit in the can and screw down to the chassis.  They come with an extra post, as you can see on the two in the back of the picture.   We remove the post, countersink the hole on our mill and use a screw in its place.  We wanted to sell it for the same price as our other relays, but the distributor knows his are the only ones in the world and will not come down any further on price.  There are a limited number of these available, and so we ask for a limit of two per customer.  For the time being, we will not put these up on our ebay store, as that would require an even higher price. Currently on backorder.

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Screen Grid and Driver Caps TS830S, TS530S, 820, 520 ~ $6.25                         These are the other high voltage caps in a Hybrid. 105C, heavy duty, 3000hr rated, 350v. If you’re changing out the power supply caps, these should be changed. Higher ripple current and lower ESR than the originals. 4 caps.  Go here to see how we mount them in the 820/520.

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Kenwood Panel Lamps ~                                      $5.25 for 4, $19.95 for 20                                         These are the right size, voltage, current and brightness to replace the panel lamps on all the Kenwood Hybrids, TS520/S, 820/S, 530S, 830S. They are 12v @ 50ma. They slide right into the little rubber sleeves for mounting. They come in packs of 4 for $5.25 or packs of 20 for $20.00.

We are temporarily out of stock of this item. You’re welcome to order now and we will ship it to you as soon as it arrives. Should be back in stock by the beginning of December 2013.


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Complete Recap Kits ~

 TS830S – $60.75, TS820 TS820S – $50.75, TS 530 TS530S – $60.75 TS520 TS520S – $48.00

We recommend recapping these radios, which are all approaching 35 years of age, or older. Read what Elna, the original manufacture of just about all the caps in the Hybrids, has to say about cap life here, and my own treatise on the subject, here. The kits are complete, including the HV caps listed above. It’s easy to do as access is good.  The early Hybrid boards are wired all from one side so they can be tilted away from the chassis, and the later models have plug in removable PC boards.  It takes 4-6 hours, and you won’t regret it.  The picture may not be exactly the same caps you will receive, but the point is, it’s a lot of caps.  We will get an accurate picture for each up here, soon.  The 520 has 5o caps, the 830S, 104.

For Model


Final Cage Repair Kit ~ $9.00             When you have low power out, pretty much across all bands, on the order of 40-70 watts, you probably need this kit.  It replaces 3 parts in the final section, C7, C8, and L1.  These parts can be damaged from years of use and abuse, and can definitely limit power.  All the power from the final tubes goes through C7, a .001uf 3kv plate coupling cap.  It must be  a class 1 cap, and they are very hard to find these days.  Many people are using 3 smaller 330pf caps in parallel.  We have found the real deal, a mini doorknob ceramic .001uf 10kv, that is designed specifically for this application.  As it is so over rated, it should last a long time.  Check out our Final Cage Page here. Currently on backorder

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 Resistor Kits for Final Section

Resistors are easy to come by, but sometimes hard to find the exact type you need. Here are two kits including the cathode resistor and 3 screen resistors, for the 520/820 and 530/830 series. They get damaged from over driving and these are the exact ones you need. These are metal film, non inductive and do not age near as bad as the old ones when over heated.


 530/830 Resistor Kit ~ $2.25 kit 

includes (2) 100 ohm ½W 5%, (4) 20 ohm ½W 5%. and (1) 470 ohm 1W 5%

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520/820 Resistor Kit ~ $2.25 kit                                  includes (2) 100 ohm 1/2W 1%, (2) 10 ohm 1W 5%,                  and (1) 470 ohm 1W 5%

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Kenwood Case Hardware Kit ~ $3.75

18-8 Stainless hardware matches the original hardware, but this time, no rust!  This Kit consists of twenty M4 x 8mm Phillips Pan Head case screws, enough to replace all the case screws for any 520, 820, 530, or 830.

Power Cord for TS520/520S, TS820/820S ~ $24.00 each
Somewhere in the world is a big pile of lost power cords for these radios. Seems like when you buy one, it never comes with the power cord!! And then if it’s not lost, the cable is especially prone to fraying/cracking where the multi-pin plug clamp grabs it. This one comes with a heavy duty round jacketed cable, two insulated conductors inside the jacket, with a lot of meat that can be clamped without problem. Just the right size for the clamp. Vastly superior to “zip cord”, which is what most of them are and a much longer life potential. It’s also a little longer, 7′ +, and with the original type non-polarized plug. Correct two wire construction.   Assembled and ready to go.

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Kenwood Service Manuals ~

 TS520S-$20.00, TS530S-$20.00,

TS820/820S-$25.00, TS830S-$21.50

These are authorized reproductions on heavy bond stock and printed at excellent resolution.  All the foldouts are there and very easy to read, just like the original.  You can get these manuals on line, but nothing beats having hard copy right on your bench where you can quickly refer to it.  These manuals just make working on your Hybrid so much easier and they hold up well.  These are the manuals we use in our shop when trouble shooting and aligning.   It’s unusual to find such high quality copies.  That is what makes the originals so valuable.  You won’t go wrong with this manual.

WE ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK OF TS-830S MANUALS. If you order one now it will ship when we have more in stock.




For Model

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Needle-Tip Dropper w/ 30ml Corrosion X ~ $7.00

This is the contact cleaner and lubricant we use in our shop.  It removes corrosion and lubricates and continues to work on the part for years.  Unlike other brands you won’t be in need of cleaning that pot or switch within a year or two.  It really does last a long time.  This is a nice applicator bottle, with a syringe, and a soft rubber cap. There is 30 ml in the bottle and this is enough to service many radios.  You will love this stuff.  The price is for 1 bottle.  You can send us an email and ask for a particular color, other wise it’s random.  To see what the company has to say about it, go here.

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Kenwood Hybrid Shipping Box Kit ~ Please Email 

Shipping your Kenwood Hybrid is always a problem. Shippers recommend double boxing for electronic equipment. We have the right size boxes to do this. The inner box is 18X16X8 and allows for 1” of bubble wrap around the cabinet and 2” at the front and rear panel. The outer box is 24X20X12 and allows for 2” more packing all the way around, and 3” front and rear. The outer box is double thick wall construction, UPS rated for 80lb, and is quite strong. You provide the packing materials. Boxes are cheap. The shipping we pay to get them from the warehouse to us, and the shipping you will pay to get them to you, is more than the cost of the boxes. We sell these at cost, to make it easier to send us your Kenwood.

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