Save 94% On Your Part Orders

Save 94% On Y0ur Parts Order

Want to save 96% on your parts orders?  Well, here’s how you can do it.

Gold and silver have been going up in value for about 12 years now.  Old USA silver coins, called “Junk Silver”, are worth many times their face value (1964 and earlier).  If you have a few old dimes, quarters, halves, or silver dollars laying around, you can buy parts from us for pennies on the dollar.

So here’s the deal.  At the current silver price we will give you 15X the face value of your coins when you purchase parts.  This is a moving target, of course, as the price of silver fluctuates all the time, but it’s close enough for now.  If the price should move up or down into a different range and stay there for a while, we will adjust the muliplier here on our site.  Right now,  15X is the number.

Just fill out an order as you normally would, using our shopping cart, only don’t complete the process.  Print out the page with the total on it, add shipping, and then divide that number by 21.  Round it up to the nearest 10 cents, and that is the number you would include in ’64 and earlier silver coins.  Mail the printed form with your parts order, along with the coins to our address shown on the parts page.

Keep it simple.  It’s not going to take a lot of coins to pay for most parts orders.  Just tape the coins to a piece of cardboard or similar, and use a mailer from the post office, or whatever.  Don’t send them loose, as they can move around and even break through an envelope or packaging.  Coins in any condition are fine, but please don’t send us any bent or mutilated ones, or coins with holes drilled in them.

For example, say your parts order totals $43.  USA shipping is $3.99 so the total becomes $46.99.  Divide that by 15, which give you $2.86.  Round that up to $2.90 and that’s the total of silver coins (dimes, quarters, halves, silver dollars) you send with your order.

We’ll ship your parts right away.

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