Tilt Stand Instructions

Adding a Tilt Stand to your Hybrid 520/820/530/830

The Tilt Stands make a nice addition to a Kenwood Hybrid.   If your Hybrid is sitting at desk level, the Tilt Stand raises the front of the unit bringing it almost straight on from your viewing angle.

Installing a Tilt Stand is not hard, and requires drilling 4 holes in the bottom half of the cabinet.   The Tilt Stand has nylon end pieces and is spring loaded.  The spring effect is created by the distance apart you put the nylon end pieces.    The distance is not critical.  The Tilt Stand folds up nicely against the bottom of the radio if you don’t need it.  Here’s a picture of a Tilt Stand on the bottom of a 520S, all folded up.

As you probably know, there’s a lot of electronics inside one of these radios, and each of the 4 models is different.  We use two different sizes of tilt stands and mount them in slightly different positions to fit on the 4 different models so that the screws and nuts that hold the stand on do not interfere with anything inside the radio.

Here’s a page from my notebook that shows where the mounting holes have to be drilled for the 520(S) and the 820(S). You simply remove the bottom cover and drill the 4 holes (3/16″) as shown and then mount the Tilt Stand.  See text.   Click to enlarge.

  With the unit upside down, and the bottom cover still on, use a piece of masking tape where you will mark the hole locations.  The masking tape also makes it easier to drill, if you are using a hand drill.  The only tricky part is mounting the second nylon piece.  The pieces hold the stand under tension so that it springs into the up or down position.  You have to hold that tension while you screw in the second end piece.  Another person helps, but is not necessary.

TS520–10″ stand

The 4 holes for the TS520 are easy to locate.  Establish a center line on the cabinet, and then mark back on each side 1 15/16″ and 2 3/8″ from the front panel edge..  Then measure over from the center line just over 5″.  Remove the cabinet and drill a hole of 3/16″ at each location.  Mount one of the plastic ends, and with the stand part captive, mount the other end with screws and self locking nuts provided.

10″ Tilt Stand mounted on a TS520S.

TS820– 8″ stand

This one is easy, because the holes end up being right in line with the two cabinet screws.   Mark for two holes 11/16″ and 1 1/8″ back from the front panel edge.  Remove the lower cabinet and drill 4 holes of 3/16″ at the marks.  Mount one of the plastic ends, and with the stand part captive, mount the other end with screws and self locking nuts provided.

Marking hole locations for a TS820, on a piece of masking tape. The holes are right in line with the cabinet screws. Measure back from panel edge.



The Tilt stand sitting on the 820S. Compressing it from the sides will bring the mounting holes in line with the two cabinet screws.  This shows about how spring is necessary to get it to work properly.

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