TS820/520 VFO Cable Instructions

Assembling the Remote VFO Cable Kit for the TS520/820 series

This is pretty straightforward and takes about an hour and a half of your time.

It’s best to cut the cable back to about 24-25″ in length.  We give you a little extra in case you need it. 

Strip off about 5/8″ of the outer cover of the multi wire cable.

Insert the wire through the center of the connector.

Strip about 1/4″ off the end of each wire.

Note that there are 9 wires, which follow the color code we all learned when we started in electronics.  There is a little poem that goes with it…..  but it’s not repeatable, these days.

Black is 0

Brown is 1

Red is 2

Orange is 3

Yellow is 4

Green is 5

Blue is 6

Violet is 7

Grey is 8 (this color is missing)

White is 9

The two ends of the cable get wired exactly the same.  The white wire is used as the ground (or drain) wire and goes to pin 2.  It must be on pin 2.  As you look at the bare pins of the connector, with the gap at the top, the pins number clockwise around, starting at the gap.  A good method is to just connect the wires in the color code order, starting with the black wire on pin 1, the ground on pin 2 and then start again with Brown on pin 3, and continue on around the connector.

You can use Cat5 cable for this also.  It’s a very short cable, so the lack of shielding does not matter.

It really doesn’t matter how you do it, just so both ends are the same and the ground is on pin 2.  Solder the wire on pretty close to the top of the connector, the pins have to go through the spreader and there is not a lot of room.






Once you have the connector soldered up, compare them to make sure they are the same.  It’s also a good idea to check with an ohm meter to see if any adjacent pins are shorted.  Once you are satisfied, put a dab of silicon rubber on the wires (on the inside) where they come through the top of the connector, and then another dab to hold the top and bottom of the connector together. 

 And here’s the finished cable with connectors on each end.

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